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Dr. Ram Avatar Yadav (Pediatrician) is a highly skilled and experienced surgeon at Lohiya Hospital. He specializes in various surgical procedures, including delivery by operation and normal delivery, ensuring safe childbirth experiences for mothers. He is proficient in performing complex surgeries such as hysterectomy, stone surgery, appendix, and hernia operations with precision and care. Dr. Yadav is also renowned for his expertise in conducting Hydrocele Surgery and Laparoscopic Surgery, employing minimally invasive techniques for quicker recovery. Additionally, he effectively treats conditions like hemorrhoids and fistula. With his compassionate approach and exceptional surgical abilities, Dr. Ram Avatar Yadav is a trusted name in the medical community.



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Dr. Ram Avatar Yadav

Pediatrician (शिशु रोग विशेषज्ञ) A.U.M.S (Patna)
Mob.No. -9801478774

Dr. Ram Avatar Yadav, a distinguished Pediatrician, brings boundless expertise and compassion to his practice. With a focus on child health, he ensures optimal care and personalized treatment for every young patient. Known for his exceptional diagnostic skills and gentle demeanor, Dr. Yadav creates a warm and welcoming environment for children and parents alike. Trusted by families, he continues to make a positive impact in pediatric care.

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Dr. Ram Avatar Yadav

Pediatrician (शिशु रोग विशेषज्ञ)
A.U.M.S (Patna)

Dr. Ranjeet Kumar Yadav

General and Laparoscopic surgeon

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Specialized in child health, a Pediatrician provides expert care, diagnoses, and treatment for young patients.


Comprehensive Genecology services that guarantee women's safety and comfort. experts in both surgical procedures and natural childbirth.

Appendix Surgery

Our Appendix Surgery service offers expert care, precise procedures, and a swift recovery for patients needing appendix removal.

Hernia surgery

Our Hernia Surgery service provides specialized care, advanced techniques, and personalized treatment plans for effective hernia repair and recovery.


Laparoscopic surgery

Experience top-notch laparoscopic surgery with our knowledgeable team, utilising cutting-edge methods for quicker recovery and better results.

Surgeon team in uniform performs an operation on a patient at a cardiac surgery clinic. Modern medicine, a professional team of surgeons, health.

Piles and Hydrocele surgery

Expert surgical care for Piles and Hydrocele conditions, offering effective treatment solutions and compassionate support for a comfortable recovery.

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